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Credit Brett Chitty

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Brett Chitty

The top line, "Mind + Thought + Consciousness = Reality" is the reference formula we are using for understanding the Three Principles. Sydney Banks shared this formula in "The Enlightened Gardener Revisited," chapter 4, page 42.

We dived deeper into this formula and brought to light an insightful direction about what this means.

In the picture example, we used "The Past" and attempted to understand how "The Past" is created.
It's a widely held belief that "The Past" creates the reality we now have i.e., the formula of "The Past" = Reality.

Sydney Banks was saying something altogether very different. Now we have to opportunity to consider very different.
What about, "Mind + Thought + Consciousness = The Past"?
What are the implications of this particular formula?

It will become apparent that "The Past" is no longer the 'thing' that determines your reality. More simply, it's not the past that has the power to determine your reality. The Principles neutralize any power the past may have had on your life and therefore cannot hold you captive anymore. You are free once again!

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Brett Chitty

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