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    • I totally agree with Brett, and I could not have said it any better.  It reminds me of a quote by Sydney Banks: Beyond Psychology (Thanks Brett for the transscript) To me this is a brilliant way of describing the role of religion. It's only when you go beyond the belief, that you see the fact. The fact of the formless. The divine nature of the allness and the isness.  I really recommend anyone to hear the tape "beyond psychology", and we could also call it "beyond religion". It's really just pointing beyond any form.  Love Maja
    • I love this question. To me anything apart from the 3p is a construct. As it is a set of ideas created from the 3ps. Hence, yes any scientific framework, worldview, religion, is shaped by using the three principles. As it is unlimited what we can create with them. 
    • Hi All   - Really enjoyed the first meeting of the membership. The Thing that hit me most, once again is how we are lost thinkers without the insight of how mind works through us. / The three principles. And how rearranging the effect of that insight is and turns the mind calm. Keith sharing his clear seeing about how our mind is contant works once again. - Another point that came back is that we are discussing an IMPERSONAL mind, one behind our seeming personal one. I sometimes get lost thinking its about the psychology today I saw again it is the Impersonal. which Brett emphasized so beautifully - The same point as this one, where Brett distinguished thinking from thought. It again is very powerful for me because the impersonal nature becomes more clear. That it is not about our personal thought content becomes more clear.  All and all I felt like it was kept very pure, not going into the direction of the form where I myself usually get lost. Pointing us to the formless where everything makes sense again and my own understanding lives and flourishes. Thanks 
    • Hi Brett   I had an insight during meditation  today. I am moved to share it with you and the community because I experienced your diagram as so helpful.    It occurred to me that all we need to do to gain happiness, wisdom, a “good feeling” is to focus on the connection to the Formless. I find that insight so freeing. We don’t have to busy ourselves with trying to create something, or think something. That’s not our job. It seems to me that a good feeling and a quiet mind is all that is needed. 
    • God I see God as having no form, yet is everything at the same time, just on the invisible side of the coin. I still have no clue what God is, but it's good to know that it exists. Everything in our universe is in form, which means that everything is also formless at the same time. So it's not a person, not a thing, not an entity, not a paradigm, not an "in-the-sky" thing, and many more. It's formless for me. If we can "see" God, that would have to be form. Indeed, everything we "see" is form, whether physical or psychological, and whether with our eyes, or the "mind's eye." You're spot on - a "personal" God isn't God, that's a personal thought about God. God in form is not God, that's in form. The only way to "shoehorn" God into something is to have a God in form in the first place. Unfortunately, it's very believable and people carry it as if were the actual God, and innocently lose their divine connection to the formless. If God is formless, there would be no means of shoehorn-ing it into anything at all, including religion. Put simply, try shoehorning something with no form! Religion Religion is in form, but I'm careful not to say form is "bad," "unnecessary," or "something to avoid." The key is whether we realize that religion is connected to the formless. There are religions that attempt to guide people to reconnect to the divine wisdom, but unfortunately, there are also religions that separate the form and formless, making the formless disappear. So the disconnected religions are the ones that promote religion in a way it was not meant to be intended. More interestingly, if you were to look at people within a religion, you'd find people who are connected to the wisdom and there are others in the same religion who clearly are not connected. A typical connected religious person is unlikely to promote their religion because they know it's an "inside job." The "disconnected "ones believe it's an "outside job" and thus try to get others to join their religion, usually by means that require people to give up their free will and become followers instead. I'm blessed to have such marvelous and wise friends who are religious, including Jews and Muslims. They have enriched my experiences in incredible ways. Unfortunately, I've also had the experience of Jews and Muslims whose attitude is a total turn-off, and yet they promote their religion with such an attitude! I'm glad that I don't have to make one person's actions an indicator of a group or religion, I can keep my thought processes about a person to the individual rather than of a group or religion anyone might belong to. At the end of the day, there is the formless. No one will ever know what will emerge out of the formless until it has already taken on a form. But it's definitely fun to find out as we go about our lives. As Sydney Banks said himself: So, I suggest - don't go looking for God! Because the act of looking can only occur in the form!
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