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    • Hi Guys, I really liked last meeting when Brett started talking about illusions. Ita a topic rarely discussed in that manner, yet so profound. Yet so obviously pointing to us living in a dream or "a world made of thought" as Syd put it. Thank you Brett I really really enjoyed that.  It is so obvious we live in a thought created reality, yet so hidden to us sometimes.  I remember observing people around me in the same restaurant all having different reactions to the restaurant; one couple was in love, another person was impatient while waiting for their take away, I was lost in a memory as a painting on the wall reminded me of a journey I once took. And I remember realizing we all were living in a different "feeling".  Then the question popped up: if all of us are living in a different feeling of the restaurant, then what feeling is the restaurant itself giving off? As an answer my mind swept clean and silent.  The same effect listening to Keith had on me during this meeting. X
    • Thanks Nicky.  It's wonderful to have insights on this area. Formless-form, impersonal-personal. Today I had a conversation with a lady with health anxiety. She always reacts with panic when something occurs. Just this morning, wisdom spoke to her and said: I don't wanna f*ing go there today. (-wisdom swore 😂😁) And she just relaxed and waited. In other words, you could say that she went from personal to impersonal in that second. Even pain and symptoms are just random suggestions. They become yours the moment you believe they are something and you pick them up and start playing that game. Apart from that, they are just thoughts, hints maybe. Like a hint to drop the heavy load. 
    • ❤️ thanks Nicky. You beautifully expressed my experience too. And showed the simplicity of life. 
    • Thank you Brett! I love that. To me this is always true. It's like when I offer my service to people, I can presume they will have relief in some areas, but if I limit their outcome to only that, simply because that's all I have seen, I am not being real.  My clients results have nothing to do with my own knowledge or what I tell them. This is why I love working from the scientific approach of The Principles. Because the divine truth is within me and my client, and reveals miracles. We don't even have to be open. The openness will occur.  And thats all we need.    I want to share more of my clients insights that we could have never guessed when we started. I guess this comes from leaving it open. 
    • One of the precautions I've learned to recognize is to not come up with any definitions, especially in Mental Health. I'd much rather leave "mental health" an open topic so that anyone interested can have an open platform in which wisdom can come through instead of a closed platform.  It's essential that there is room for something new, deeper, insightful, or fresh to come through. This would allow delightful surprises to come through. It's the "surprise element" we are going for here.
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