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Sharing client stories of transformation and insight

Maja Hofstetter

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I would love to start a topic where we can share how our coaching impacts our clients. 

Theres is nothing more beautiful than to witness insight happening to the people we help. 


Yesterday I had a client who started seeing that the truth is working on its own. She explained it as a feeling of opening from the space within. When her thoughts were closing and she got into judgement mode, she would feel that deep sensation of an opening beyond the thoughts, helping her come back to feeling good.
The beautiful feeling pops up more and more often. Like a fountain. Nothing stops it. 
And it's healing her pain as well. 
I love making art out of it, so please enjoy this image, combined with my painting of "The Fitrah/The Space Within" and some words to express the  insight about the beautiful feeling. The beautiful feeling
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