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Is World Health Organisation up to a paradigm shift?

Maja Hofstetter


I came across some documents shared by local Danish psychologists saying that WHO were changing their outline for mental health. 
So I was curious. 

I wanted to read what they came up with. And I found several articles on the topic, among others the statement by WHO themselves.

I wanted to read, but it was really difficult. A lot of intellectual stuff, even though it was all good intentions.


Asking Dr Keith about it, (because I gave up reading it all 😉) And his response was just a couple of lines saying they got it wrong. And I knew he was right, just by the complexity of the text. The intellectual distance, and the trying to figure out how to solve the mess we have created for ourselves. (The mind of mankind can not solve it's own problem - Beyond Psychology)

I so agree with Keith, when he mentioned a few quotes by Syd Banks and Valda. Mental health is not complicated. Everyone has it.

Quoting Keith Blevens:


"Truth evolves and other false discriminators cannot help as much. Truth helps us "jump time"/evolve us in conscious state naturally and when we do not use these three principles properly we take ourselves out of this divine dynamic.
Syd would speak to this law in many ways: for one he would say, "you can't get anything out of the principles that you didn't put in." Valda would call it instant karma, positive or negative.
Another thing Valda would say is, "These principles make me behave!"
We can clearly see that neither Hamas nor the Jews understand we are all living in the feeling of our own use of the principles. This is why when Syd saw this he knew it could create world peace."
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One of the precautions I've learned to recognize is to not come up with any definitions, especially in Mental Health. I'd much rather leave "mental health" an open topic so that anyone interested can have an open platform in which wisdom can come through instead of a closed platform.  It's essential that there is room for something new, deeper, insightful, or fresh to come through. This would allow delightful surprises to come through. It's the "surprise element" we are going for here.

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Thank you Brett! I love that.

To me this is always true. It's like when I offer my service to people, I can presume they will have relief in some areas, but if I limit their outcome to only that, simply because that's all I have seen, I am not being real.  My clients results have nothing to do with my own knowledge or what I tell them. This is why I love working from the scientific approach of The Principles. Because the divine truth is within me and my client, and reveals miracles. We don't even have to be open. The openness will occur.  And thats all we need. 

I want to share more of my clients insights that we could have never guessed when we started. I guess this comes from leaving it open. 

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