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Nicky Peeters

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Hi Guys, I really liked last meeting when Brett started talking about illusions. Ita a topic rarely discussed in that manner, yet so profound. Yet so obviously pointing to us living in a dream or "a world made of thought" as Syd put it. Thank you Brett I really really enjoyed that. 

It is so obvious we live in a thought created reality, yet so hidden to us sometimes. 

I remember observing people around me in the same restaurant all having different reactions to the restaurant; one couple was in love, another person was impatient while waiting for their take away, I was lost in a memory as a painting on the wall reminded me of a journey I once took. And I remember realizing we all were living in a different "feeling". 

Then the question popped up: if all of us are living in a different feeling of the restaurant, then what feeling is the restaurant itself giving off?

As an answer my mind swept clean and silent. 

The same effect listening to Keith had on me during this meeting. X

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